Project: Coastal Urban Sanctuary

Light Dwellers: Eco-Conscious World Travelers, Cultural Creatives, Entrepreneurs, Homesteaders & Couples on Journey

Letter From World Traveler:
"Dearest Tracy, Where do we even begin with appreciating your space?! I guess with the light. The light pours in like nothing we've experienced. It warms the wood & metal, and our souls. It stores the lights energy & brings it back to us - full circle.
You shine throughout this space- exterior & interior. You come through in every detail--the wooden chairs & steel topped table, salvaged wood beams, textile work & paintings, but mostly just through the energy your love has imbued into the space. " --Courtney & Demitri, Canada- May 2015

The overarching intention in this architectural remodel was to open, strip down, cleanse and newly construct, expand & transform this 1950's compartmentalized interior and exterior, replacing the toxic and stagnant nature of this dilapidated dwelling with an expansive, boundless, light-filled passive solar sacred expression, connecting earth and sky - To create a Light Dwelling, a temple for elemental living and a sanctuary that responds to the call of the soul to be deeply connected to the self, one's creative & sacred craft & have a deep connection with the land & elements beyond.

The sanctuary functions as a year-round sanctuary retreat for eco-conscious world travelers on journey as a place of inspiration in how to live simply, lightly, sustainably and minimally within a 680sf footprint. This is a must see for small-footprint enthusiasts & they are encouraged to book a stay to live it for themselves~

It is a serene urban refuge, a quiet place of calm and tranquility for individuals, creatives and couples wanting a sacred container to dwell within, heal and replenish their soul.