Project: Community Palette Interior

Light Dwellers: Local Artists, Artisans, Makers, Creatives & Community Members of Monterey County

This interior design build project was for Community Palette, a non-profit organization of the arts based in Monterey County. This 2015 event was in the industrial artist community, Sand City, in a mixed-use urban infill warehouse space.

The intention of this annual event is to support local emerging creatives in creating a community platform where talents can showcase their work & pitch their visions & their craft to the community at large to kick-start their career in the arts, raise funds for developing their creative ventures & stimulate local sustainable economy.

The design approach was three-fold: Create a market-style gallery exhibition space that is economically viable utilizing recycled & salvaged industrial materials that can be assembled & disassembled easily per its temporary application. Create an envelope of various interfacing walls of varying elemental texture & material, holding space for 22 artists & their wares, a catwalk & fashion show, vip dinner & hundreds of community viewers. Lastly, it was important that the essence of the space be minimal, simple & rich with texture, age, story & a raw authentic industrious hand-built feel to set off, honor & accentuate the alchemy of creative energy & synergy happening within the event. The materials chosen: aged copper & rusted aluminum panels, redwood planks, reclaimed wooden orchard fruit-drying trays, wood palettes, canvas drop clothes, rope & recycled fence slats.